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This week's episode of The Make Mine Magic Podcast includes discussion of the New Jersey DIS Meet Weekend 2015, and the following:

intro / NJ DIS Meet Weekend 2015 / kitten sabotage / the power of ten / Give Kids the World / kitten sabotage 2 / The Golden Girls / the great balloon massacre / Green Knoll Grill games / comparison chilling / Applebees / Delaware DIS Meet / lunch with the ladies of DIS Unplugged / volunteering wins / comics and kids meals / Jersey Shore / room gifts / the fortune teller and the bodyguard / Comedy On Demand / casual breakfast / adults / closing /



NJ DIS Meet 2015

Give Kids the World

Green Knoll Grill

MMM on last year's NJ DIS Meet

Delaware DIS Meet

The DIS Unplugged Podcast

French Fry Diary

Comedy On Demand

The DIS Boards

Hilton Garden Inn

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Jenn with Comedy On Demand


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