Make Mine Magic!

This week's episode of The Make Mine Magic Podcast includes continuing discussion of the TCM Classic Cruise on board the Disney Magic, and the following:

live at sea intro / previous TCM Cruises / lanyards / differences between the cruises / more than movies / interviews / Bruce Goldstein and Film Forum / Illeana Douglas / Drew Barrymore / Castaway Cay / Damn Yankees / riding a bike / sleeping through The Sea Hawk / seasoning / Avengers Academy / karaoke / the new self-service rules at Cabanas / guilt shaming / Castaway Cay exception / Sprite Zero / reversal of fortune / the notebook / Glenn in a bra / closing / fish extender coolness /


TCM Classic Cruise

Disney Magic

Glenn's overview of the TCM Classic Cruise

Film Forum

"The Baron of Mulholland" by Rory Flynn

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