Make Mine Magic!

This week's episode of The Make Mine Magic Podcast includes discussion of Frozen on Ice, and the following:

2015 intro / Disney's Frozen on Ice / Olaf's frozen head / the merch / New England Black Wolves / the seats / Starlight Express / robot pre-pre-show commercial / the only adults / ice ice baby / Let It Go / Marshmallow / Finding Nemo / the Trolls / pre-show / love / the vendors / the prices / Chickie & Pete's / three shows / lost shoe / wands / working the crowd / Big Hero 6 on ice / closing / Biff Bam Pop! / Jenn's Twitter / Snow /


New England Black Wolves

Glenn's review of Frozen on Ice

Multiple entries on Chickie & Pete's at French Fry Diary

Biff Bam Pop!

Jennifer's Twitter

Glenn's Twitter

The GAR! Podcast Family on Facebook

The Make Mine Magic Podcast on Pinterest

The Make Mine Magic Facebook Page


Frozen - How It Should Have Ended

The Encore


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