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This week's episode of The Make Mine Magic Podcast includes discussion of Disney's 1973 Robin Hood, and the following:

intro / Robin Hood / memories of the drive-in / Junior Bonner and Junior Mints / spoiler warning / Reynard the Fox / vixens and foxes / recycled animation / the Don Bluth era / dance doubling / credit sequence / Hamster Dance and the Android commercial / Oo De Lally / crossdressing / animal furries? / multiplane camera / Scooby-Doo / alternate ending / funny animals or literary characters / Tarzan as a duck / favorite Robin Hoods / cellphone endings / podcast shout outs / Disney Dream Girls / closing / Stryper /


Glenn's review of Walt Disney's Robin Hood

"The Hamster Dance"

The Dumpsta Players

"Rocket Robin Hood"

How It Should Have Ended

MMM on Podcasts part 2

Disney Dream Girls Podcast

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Robin Hood dance comparisons


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