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This week's episode of The Make Mine Magic Podcast includes discussion of the film Tomorrowland, and the following:

"there's a great big beautiful tomorrow" / intro / spoiler warning / Memorial Day / Tomorrowland previews / storytelling structure / rayguns and rocketships / Britt Robertson / Raffey Cassidy / theater behavior / 1964 World's Fair / dimensional theory / Athena the Terminator / Blast from the Past / the two wolves / fuzzy parts / bright futures vs. dark futures / Fry and Laurie / The Young Ones / special effects / the score / Disney cameos / our rating / Spooky / PG rating / Jurassic World / Pan / thank a vet everyday / closing /


Tomorrowland teaser trailer

Tomorrowland official trailer

MMM on the 1964 World's Fair

Hugh Laurie on "The Young Ones" NSFW

Glenn talks about secret origins

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