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This week's episode of The Make Mine Magic Podcast includes discussion of the film Ant-Man, and the following:

Antmusic / intro / business / spoiler alert / no cellphones! / Saturday Night Live superheroes / the history of Ant-Man / original Avengers / more powers, more names / Doctor Who? / Scott Lang / Agents of SHIELD / Edgar Wright / overview / heist film / the cast / Yellowjacket / Ant-Man vs. the Falcon / after-credits / previews / Fantastic Four / Batman V. Superman / Wonder Woman / The Finest Hours / Mission Impossible / continuity / rating / don't go to Regal Moorestown / closing /


Glenn's Ant-Man Primer at Biff Bam Pop!

Ant-Man on "Saturday Night Live"

Glenn's "Agents of SHIELD" reviews

Glenn's "Agent Carter" reviews

Ray watches the Fantastic Four trailer on The GAR! Podcast

Fantastic Four trailer

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer

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