Make Mine Magic!

This week's episode of The Make Mine Magic Podcast includes discussion of the film Muppets Most Wanted, and the following:

studio naming / Disney podcast shout outs / Muppets Most Wanted / sequels / evil twins / name the Muppets / favorite Muppets / other Muppet shows / Ricky Gervais / plot holes / Ty Burrell / Statler and Waldorf / meta-acting / Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon / guest stars / the music / Tina Fey / the Superman-Kermit acting technique / Fandango experience /


DIS Unplugged

Magic - The Disney Fan Podcast

"The High Life"

The DFB Podcast

French Fry Diary

Disney Dream Girls Podcast

Muppets Most Wanted

"Muppets Tonight"

Glenn's short review of Admission

Jennifer's Twitter

Glenn's Twitter

The GAR! Podcast Family on Facebook


"We're Doing a Sequel"


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