Make Mine Magic!

This week's episode of The Make Mine Magic Podcast includes discussion of the NJ DIS Meet Weekend 2014, and the following:

intro / inspiration / NJ DIS Meet Weekend / Give Kids the World / the Tastykake eating competition / speed DIS-ing / Applebee's / the auctions / the booty / GKTW redux / DIS Unplugged live / the power of Pete / fans / vacation planning / the buffet, but the fries / the games / DIS After Dark / Comedy On Demand / donations and generosity / podcast tips / who's your favorite Princess? / closing / getting it /


The DIS Unplugged Podcast

In Memory of Bob Varley

The NJ DIS Meet Weekend 2013

The NJ DIS Meet Weekend 2014

Give Kids the World


Last year's Tastykake eating competition

Hilton Breakfast at French Fry Diary

Elks buffet at French Fry Diary

The DIS Boards All Things Fun!


Comedy On Demand

"Stay out of the damn lakes!"

Jennifer's Twitter

Glenn's Twitter

The GAR! Podcast Family on Facebook


Jenn and Teresa with Comedy On Demand


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