Make Mine Magic!

This week's episode of The Make Mine Magic Podcast includes discussion of the Disney Princesses, and the following:


royal opening / starlight / what is a princess? / Belle / podcast cosplay / ages / Arial / parents / Cinderella / Glenn's family / the glass slipper / Mulan / Pocahontas / the evolution of the Disney Princess / Tiana / Merida / Snow White / Rapunzel / Jasmine / Vanellope and Atta / the Marvel Princesses / Leia / who did we leave out? /





<a href="">List of and Trivia on the Disney Princesses</a><p>

<a href="">Peter David's Disney Heroines Roundtable</a><p>

<a href="">"Just Around the Riverbend"</a><p>

<a href="">"I've Got a Dream"</a><p>

<a href="">Jennifer's Twitter</a><p>

<a href="">Glenn's Twitter</a><p>


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