Make Mine Magic!

This week's episode of The Make Mine Magic Podcast includes discussion of the following:

Se Nuestro Invitado / intro / French Fry Diary / the premise of the mystery restaurants / Maya Grill / Pepper Market / Las Ventanas / Give Kids the World / ice cream for breakfast / made to order, made to please / Frank & Steins / NJ exit tax / Mr. Manatee's / Fireworks Factory / Crew's Cup Lounge / other hidden gems / what are your hidden gems? / podcast shout outs / closing /


French Fry Diary

Disney at French Fry Diary

The Restaurant Request

Maya Grill at French Fry Diary

Pepper Market at French Fry Diary

Las Ventanas

Give Kids the World

Frank & Steins

MMM on Hamburger Mary's

Mr. Manatee's

Crew's Cup Lounge

Casey's Corner at French Fry Diary

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