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This week's episode of The Make Mine Magic Podcast concludes our Ask Us Anything discussion for our one hundredth episode celebration, and includes the following:

Hundred Acre Wood / intro / Glenn's first time at WDW / Glenn's non-trip / Disney TV / differing Disney tacts / Caribbean Beach / moving / best Marvel movie / Thor / Jenn's first WDW trip / memories of Sunday night Disney / missed rides of the past / Journey into Imagination / If You Had Wings / Alien Encounter / Stitch and Batman / best fries in Disney / favorite characters / Castle in the Sky / Lando Calrissian / muppets / favorite mountains / favorite podcasts / Jenn hums Girl from Ipenema / favorite snacks / Club Cool / ice cream / closing /


Captain America: Civil War on MMM

Glenn's review of Thor

Glenn's review of Thor: The Dark World

Tickets on MMM

French Fry Diary

Cookes of Dublin at FFD

Raglan Road at FFD

Glenn's "Agent Carter" reviews

Glenn's review of Ponyo

Sarah's review of Kiki's Delivery Service

Creations of Chaos at Biff Bam Pop!

DIS Unplugged

Enchanted Tiki Talk

Disney Dream Girls

Wire Tap

5 Decisions Away

Audacious Eleven


You Must Remember This

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